Orchards End Holistic Wellness Center

Orchards End is a holistic wellness center whose mission is to bring preventative and restorative lifelong health solutions to our clientele looking to enrich their lives through mind, body, and spiritual enlightenment. We offer a boutique, retreat environment that provides essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using only natural methods, teachings, and products that set individuals on the path to greater fulfillment and responsibility for their health.

21 Day Transformation

When the body is in a state of health, miraculous things happen in our lives: we attract and manifest what we truly desire and we push beyond what we ever thought possible for ourselves. Orchards End 21 Day Elimination Program is a path to life-long holistic living and optimal health.
If you desire to:
Have more energy.
Feel happier, more peaceful.
Be leaner, more toned, and lose the belly fat.
Control mood swings or mild depression.
Get back into your healthy living habits.
Improve gut health and digestive issues.
Eliminate bloating and inflammation.
Watch our video and see how our program has benefited so many people just like you.

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Our Team

The team at Orchards End is from diverse professional backgrounds in health and wellness. With a full array of services under one roof, our goal is to help our clientele reach optimal health through synergy. Orchards End holistic services include: group yoga classes, 1 on 1 yoga training, fitness classes, personal fitness training, acupuncture, cupping, guided meditation and meditation workshops, nutrition classes and counseling, holistic health and detoxification programs and seminars, reflexology, therapeutic massage and deep tissue body work.

Elsa Sykes


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Martha Guttuso

Personal and Group fitness expert

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Professional Trainer & Wellness Coach

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Casey McBride

Master Level Yoga Instructor

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Carlene Towers

Orchards End Support Manager

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Esther Blum

Integrative Dietitian, Bestselling Author & Lifestyle Coach

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Jill Crystal

Yoga Instructor

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Sven Englund

Massage Therapist

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Vivienne Bosch

Business Strategy Consultant

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Meggan Watterson

Meditation & Spiritual Guide

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Maria Zervas Batista

Acupuncture Therapist

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Brook Emery

Connector/Strategic Coach/Spiritual Guide

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Beth Segaloff

Meditation Coach

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Dr. Kurt

Chiropractor / Applied Kinesiology / Nutrition Expert

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Cristina Costa

Zumba Instructor

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Cathy McCarthy

Registered Therapist and Life Coach

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