Living in California and Hawaii, Perk naturally fell into a healthy lifestyle and has now been a professional fitness instructor and trainer for over 10 years.

He is known for his full functional movements that create a complete body workout strengthening and toning lower body, core and upper body alike.  Perk has a unique ability to tailor his workouts to his client’s level of fitness and he is adept at motivating his clients to achieve their goals and make lasting lifestyle changes.  Also, he had been working as a whole food plant based coaching for the past three years after discovering the benefits of working with Tom Dunnam, Dr Scott Stoll and Dr Michael Greger of Total Health Immersions. Whether someone’s a top-tiered athlete looking to gain a competitive edge or someone just looking to get more fit and healthy, Perk has a workout for you.  In addition to his regular clients, he has trained with the US Army as well as local and regional fire and police departments