Brooke Emery…Connector/Strategic Coach/Spiritual Guide

Brooke supports visionary women with connections, clarity, and business development, and overall guidance. She has been referred to as a spiritual tour guide, a mystic, possibility strategist, strategic attraction coach, spirit-preneur, and super connector. She has been written up in for having a jellybean jar of people in her life and loves using her wide angled vision to create partnerships of possibility and prosperity for her well has hosting retreats in Sedona Arizona and soon other parts of the world. Many best-selling authors in the self development/entrepreneur world have come to her for guidance and connections. Brooke has been a guest blogger for “The Daily Love” and “Soul Filled Life.” Brooke especially loves helping mission based entrepreneurs with “attracting perfect clients” workshops to spirit-preneurs as well as connecting them to the resources to spark what they want to have happen. She has taught manifestation workshops at Exhale Spa and online workshops to many to help people remember their arrival. (No more spiritual journey –we just have to remember we have arrived).