Embody Fitness Gourmet

Orchards End is so excited to have partnered with Embody Fitness Gourmet to bring an easy solution for our clients to staying on plan even when they don’t have time to prepare meals.  We have worked together to create a delicious menu that stays 100% on our 21 day elimination diet. It is a simple solution to getting all the benefits of our program while not sacrificing time or taste.

Embody Fitness Gourmet was created with the philosophy that how we fuel our bodies has a profound impact on our ability to perform to our mental and physical capability. And, we love gourmet quality, thoughtfully sourced food. Embody offers hand-crafted blends, juices, salads and special gourmet treats.

They are blending their signature recipes and ours to bring you a wonderful and diverse menu each month.

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It has always been hard to make healthy choices. At least it’s been harder than making unhealthy choices. And more expensive to boot. We seek to change that. We seek to offer the supplies, tools, knowledge and support that someone needs to start leading a healthier life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. With our free weekly delivery, you can start every week with a fresh batch, chilled and waiting for you in your own Chef V cooler bag. Learn More

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Esther Blum Nutritional Counseling

We all have a VOICE INSIDE US. A calling if you will.

A voice that intuitively knows what both you and your body want to eat.

A voice that knows the kind of movement you need to have in your life.

A voice that knows what habits you need to let go of because they are no longer serving you.

A voice that wants to heal from chronic illness.
Searching for answers and feel like you’re on your own out there—especially when your weight is cycling up and down throughout the process—can take a physical and emotional toll on you… Learn More

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