Denise L.
Orchard’s End 21 Reboot transformed my life. Using various modalities…like massage therapy, truly jumped started the weigh loss. Orchard’s basic whole food approach helped me to lose 10 stubborn pounds. Eliminating nite shades vegetables and diary were also key to reducing inflammation…which has significantly helped reduce mood swings and stiffness. The program is structured for those that need that discipline or for those like me who like wiggle room…it’s all in what you make of it. My next Reboot will focus more on the nutritional aspect of the program and I look forward to improving my health and wellness…
Katherine M.
My initial interpretation of this cleanse was molded by what others had said about this type of class. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but I came with an open-mind. I was excited to finally lose the weight that just kept piling on. I didn’t realize that there was more depth to this amazing, life changing experience. During the month of the cleanse, I discovered in our informative meetings with Elsa, that besides eating well and exercising, our choice of food can potentially trigger bad decisions and habits. Through this journey that I desperately needed, I’ve learned the art and skill of meditation. Understanding how to deal with my own emotions and thoughts helps me get through the day. I can finally wear all the clothes in my closet after loosing 10lbs; I’m more cautious of what I eat. The days I get off track, I acknowledge that it’s okay… and get back on. I am working on being a good role model for my family by making better food choices. I’m very thankful for the opportunity that I was given. I have now become more spiritually connected with myself!
Elle D.
As a Mom of four kids, a demanding corporate career, a laundry list of competing priorities, and very little time for myself, I was craving (and desperate for) mind-body balance in my life. I wanted to invest in myself, but knew that I would be best served with a high quality program that would deliver the best results in less than four weeks. I found Orchard End’s 21 Day Program to be the hugely transformational program I had been looking for: I am sleeping soundly, I am making smart, healthful food choices (especially while traveling), and I’ve added yoga and exercise back in my life. The program was a total mind-body refresh for me, a renewed commitment to my well-being. I am forever grateful for this epic 21 Day journey. Thank you Orchard’s End!!
Carlene T.
“I’ve never experienced anything like this! It was an invaluable month of fun, food, exercise, and education. The accumulation of a mind, body & spirit cleanse educates you on the benefits of why detoxifying your mind & body allows you to be in a constant positive mental and physical state. It keeps you looking and feeling youthful, naturally, just by eliminating negativity, eating well and exercising!!”
You are truly the best, your giving never seems to end.  Thanks so much for offering and guiding us all the way.  Much Appreciated!!
Elsa, I wish I could reach through this computer and hug you! You have given all of us rebooters such an incredible gift. Choosing to be part of this beautiful program you have developed is one of the best decisions I have made and I can’t thank you enough! I am enjoying it immensely and love the knowledge I am being armed with, participating in the classes(Jill & Martha are dynamite), being in your retreat of a home and also appreciate getting to know you even better!
I arrived to the program with hopes that I could lose some weight that I had gained and hopes that I could restart an exercise regimen.  To my surprise, Orchards End Reboot was so much more than I ever expected. Elsa, the program creator and director, was a huge influence on our group of “rebooters.”  She is a wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition and she continually guided and supported us on a daily basis. We received daily personal emails from her with personal accounts of her own journey of health and wellness and how she integrates her health and mindfulness practice while raising her own six children! She often shared funny and real anecdotes about staying on the Reboot course as a working mom. She is very real! She also created her own pamphlets for us about vitamins, healthy foods, and how to shop at Whole foods and the Health food store. She shared her favorite healthy recipes, including how to make your own nut milks at home.  Her weekly meetings with us had the group talking together about their experiences during the program and educated us on a new health related topic each week- we even received a biology lesson on the digestive system!
Another fabulous part of the program was the incredibly knowledgeable and accomplished health professionals she provided us access to over the 4 weeks. The exercise program of barre/HITT with Martha and Yoga with Casey and Jill were very challenging and very welcoming at the same time. These teachers really know their stuff and allow you to participate based on where your fitness level is at the time! No Judgement, only encouragement.
The weekly Lunch and Learns were led by leaders in the health field.  These meetings really honed in on the groups’ education about nutrition and how good food (and bad) greatly effects our bodies. I learned what causes inflammation and the coinciding pain and ways to get rid of it. Within two weeks, I had no pain from inflammation!  I learned the actual benefits of specific foods as vital vitamins -the benefits of taking probiotics and minerals too. I have always been told these things are good for you, but I never knew why or how to use them. I learned small changes I could make to my life that can really help my overall well being -even just the digestive benefits of drinking lemon water upon waking up in the morning.  Thank you Dr. Warples and nutritionist, Ester Blum.
I loved the meditation workshops. meditation always intimidated me and I never thought I was the type of person who would be interested.  Spiritual guide and healer, Brooke Emory, made meditation accessible to me as well as showed me that, with practice, how meditation helps keep one focused and intentional during our day.
Finally, one of the most important parts of the program for me were my “rebooter” peers.  Everyone came with their own goals and needs. However, we were united in our support for each other and getting through the challenges of the program. I never felt alone.  There was always someone to talk to and to share experiences with (and have a laugh with) during the day in the beautiful Orchards End setting.
You are the sweetest to off to do this. I am in NYC all day or would definitely have joined you. I wanted you to know I am loving every minute of this experience and it is your kind heart that is making it so special. Thank you!!!
Dear Elsa, I have so much to thank you for- this past month was so empowering and inspiring.  Your heart is so big and I am incredibly thankful that you moved to New Canaan.  Yesterday’s luncheon was so moving. Thank you so much for all you do, we are all privileged to know you and learn from you!
Thank you for a wonderful evening. Your warm heart and generous spirit warmed us all from the weather outside. Karen is inspirational, she is a true gift.  I am so glad to have met her and I am touched by her faith, positive energy and her genuine love for all. Thank you again for another incredible Reboot  journey! Stay warm and dry!!
I am feeling so good and I really do not want to backtrack given the little time we have left of this fabulous program.  Thanks so much for EVERYTHING you are doing and I am so happy you are expanding!!!
Thank you so much for caring to make me the best I can be.  And, I do trust you! Love